Handover 9th June 2017

Handover finally occurred on the 9th of June. It absolute poured with rain on this day so the cleaners weren’t able to complete our exterior painting or cleaning of the window exteriors.

We accepted handover regardless as our furniture was booked to be delivered the following day.

The cleaners did an amazing job internally. I was extremely impressed. I wasn’t expecting such a thorough clean.

The house looks amazing and we are extremely happy with the end result.

The overall experience was time consuming, costly and stressful but I am very happy with the end result.

We are slowly decorating the home and landscaping is partially complete.

Below are some photos of our home…










8 thoughts on “Handover 9th June 2017

  1. Hi, your house is beautiful! You have done a great job and your blog is so helpful! We are building with Metricon currently (the Bayville) and are in the process of selecting windows. Are you able to share what you selected and what supplier Metricon used to provide them. We are currently looking at Wideline windows but have concerns about their quality. Thanks Rachael


    • Hi Rachael, I’m happy this blog has been useful.

      Congratulations on building the Bayville, what a great choice!

      In all honestly I’m not happy with the quality of the windows by Wideline. Had I been given the choice I would have used another supplier.

      I had lots of trouble getting colonial style windows through this supplier and configuring the amount of panels per window.

      The windows were expensive and my aluminium casement windows have unsightly black rubber strips around each individually glazed panel. This was definitely not part of the plan.

      The winders on the windows are cheap quality also and don’t feel sturdy.

      All of our timber awning and double hung windows look amazing but I’m not confident that they will stand the test of time.

      Also, Wideline was unable to successfully install our timber stacker doors without them scraping the paint when they open and close.

      Many of these issues will be raised on our 3 month issue checklist.

      Hope this info helps!


      • Thank you so much for your feedback. We have raised exactly those points you mentioned with Metricon and are currently awaiting a response. Fingers crossed! Thanks again. Rachael

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  2. Wow 😍 I am completely in love with your home! We are building a hamptons inspired home in WA (still in the planning stage). Can you please tell me your external colours and is your balcony balustrade timber or steel? Thank you


    • Thanks so much that is very kind. External colours are Dulux Grey Pail and Dulux Lexicon Half for the trims. Garage door is also painted with Dulux Lexicon Half.

      The balcony is aluminium and is Surfmist which looks like a dirty white. If I had the option I would have had a timber painted balcony instead but I guess the aluminium is less maintenance. Good luck with your plans!


      • Thanks for your reply. All our windows and doors are aluminium Surfmist (timber upgrades are sooo expensive) I just love your home, youve do e such a great job!


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