Practical Completion 25th March 2017 to 7th June

Still a bit of painting to go on our façade. The garage door has gone in and I’m extremely disappointed with the colour. We were only offered the option of Surfmist at our Studio M appointment. This was the whitest we could go.

Unfortunately it looks much too creamy in comparison to the Lexicon Half on the windows and doors. The piers will ultimately be Lexicon Half so the door will look even worse once this is done.

I contacted Metricon and they contacted our garage door supplier, who passed on the details of someone who can spray the door with a 2pac paint in the colour of our choice for approximately $800. I am just waiting on permission from Metricon to get this done before handover.

There are lots of things to get done but hopefully we only about a month away from our final inspection…

14th May 2017 – Clearly thinking we were about a month away from our final inspection was a bit ambitious!

We have a presentation date locked in for Tuesday 30th May. There are still lots of bits and pieces to be done but it is all definitely coming together.

Our floorboards are in and look amazing! We were thankfully able to install these without an expansion trim despite the extra long length from our front door to back door. There was no way I was prepared to have an ugly expansion trim in the middle of my hallway.

Carpet is in and is very soft underfoot so I’m glad I chose the upgraded underlay. Our internal plantation shutters have been installed and look great!

Flyscreens have gone in as well as the safeline fall prevention screens upstairs that I stressed about as I worried they would be an eyesore. They just look like regular flyscreens which is great.

There are various issues outstanding which require fixing –

Our laundry tiles are crooked, skirting needs to be installed, there is still concrete in one of our toilets and our water meter was relocated but still falls in the path of our driveway. I’m not confident I won’t hit it every time I pull into the driveway at night!

Some more photos…

Surprise surprise Metricon were not ready for presentation. It has been rebooked for 3rd June. The race to handover is now on. It has been tentatively booked for next Thursday. Really hoping to get the keys before the long weekend. Still have many outstanding smaller items to rectify.

Our site supervisor has left and we are now onto Site Supervisor number 4. He seems to be trying to wrap things up for us.

Our garage door has been sprayed with a 2 PAC polyurethane coating which looks amazing. It now matches the Dulux Lexicon Half  on the rest of our facade.

I am frantically trying to co- ordinate furniture deliveries hoping that Metricon will be ready on the handover date…






4 thoughts on “Practical Completion 25th March 2017 to 7th June

  1. I think your house will look fabulous complete. I have the same vision of the Hamptons look.
    Would love to hear about your experience.


  2. I have similar problem on the colour of garage door which is just installed. The colour doesn’t match my main entry door as I have requested the colour matching since signing contract.
    I just wonder if you have done the repaint and cost is paid by Metricon? Thanks.


    • Hopefully you can get yours fixed too! If your contract or Variation document or any email in writing states the colour of your front door and garage door to be the same colour and the colour is actually specified then Metricon should have to fix this.

      However, in our case we asked for the whitest white possible at our Studio M appointment. At the time this was Surfmist.

      Metricon’s garage door supplier however have just recently begun offering some whiter garage doors however Metricon has argued that this was not available as an option when we made our selections therefore it is not their responsibility to fix this.

      Metricon did however assist in finding someone who will paint the door in any Dulux colour and apparently it’s a similar process as is used with polyurethane cabinetry. It lasts longer than a powdercoat.

      You are looking at approximately $800 for a double garage door such as ours. In all honesty I’m happy to pay in this instance as I just want it fixed.

      Metricon won’t allow us to get ours done until after presentation.

      Hope this helps!


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