Fixing Stage – 18th January to 24th March 2017


This is our Metricon Henderson as it stands at the beginning of our fixing stage.

To be honest it is looking a bit plain and I am really looking forward to having the French doors on the balcony and the rest of the external painting completed.

Our kitchen should apparently be fitted next week so tune in for pics!

8.2.2017 – Most of the Bathroom, Ensuite, Powder Room, Laundry and Kitchen cabinetry has been installed this week. Absolutely LOVE it all!

Ensuite –


Main Bathroom


Powder Room








Friday 24th March 2017 – Official end of fixing stage. This was probably one of the most productive stages as there was lots happening on site. Fixing invoice was issued too early again, but was re-issued after the french doors on our balcony were installed.

Lots of little issues came up in this stage – my best advice is to keep on top of this by visiting the site as often as possible.

Our laundry bench was installed at the incorrect height. As a result the 15kg washer dryer combo that I had planned to install was not going to fit in the space. This was resolved via credit to us and we ultimately decided to leave it as it was as a pull out and redo would have been a hassle.

Our bathroom was supposed to have a polyurethane panel on the side of the bathtub but tiles were installed. These have had to be ripped out and a polyurethane panel to suit is being manufactured. Waterproofing to the area has had to be redone.

Our fridge space was also incorrect, the dimensions were slightly smaller than specified but luckily we contacted Fisher and Paykel and they confirmed their integrated model would still fit within the space – phew!

Front portico steps were a mess and these are being re-done.

Holes were also drilled into our powder room stone bench top in preparation for the tap ware however the tap ware we selected is wall mount so the stone has to be pulled out, re-manufactured and re-installed.

There were lots of other little issues such as incorrect light switch plates, scrapes on our timber sliding doors etc. but these will be fixed in our Final stage.

Very excited at this point as only one stage to go so we are on the home stretch!



One thought on “Fixing Stage – 18th January to 24th March 2017

  1. Hi, we also live in the local area & are looking into getting at Metricon home. I have been reading up on your journey and I look forward to hearing about your end product

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