Post Handover

We have now been in our lovely new home for over 4 months. The grass is finally getting greener and our plants are starting to grow. We are slowly adding more furniture and bits and pieces so it is all starting to come together. Our pool area is finally complete and I am extremely happy with the result. We are also in the process of getting our 90 day warranty items fixed so I will post details on this shortly. In the meantime here are some more pics…

Pool 3



Sun Loungers

LaundryKitchenKitchen PendantsKitchen 3Kitchen 2Indoor OutdoorHallwayHallway 2Family Room

Ensuite 1





Coffee Table






Family Room






BBQ Slatted Screen



Outdoor Lounge

Alfresco 2

Alfresco Area

Handrail 3






Handover 9th June 2017

Handover finally occurred on the 9th of June. It absolute poured with rain on this day so the cleaners weren’t able to complete our exterior painting or cleaning of the window exteriors.

We accepted handover regardless as our furniture was booked to be delivered the following day.

The cleaners did an amazing job internally. I was extremely impressed. I wasn’t expecting such a thorough clean.

The house looks amazing and we are extremely happy with the end result.

The overall experience was time consuming, costly and stressful but I am very happy with the end result.

We are slowly decorating the home and landscaping is partially complete.

Below are some photos of our home…









Practical Completion 25th March 2017 to 7th June

Still a bit of painting to go on our façade. The garage door has gone in and I’m extremely disappointed with the colour. We were only offered the option of Surfmist at our Studio M appointment. This was the whitest we could go.

Unfortunately it looks much too creamy in comparison to the Lexicon Half on the windows and doors. The piers will ultimately be Lexicon Half so the door will look even worse once this is done.

I contacted Metricon and they contacted our garage door supplier, who passed on the details of someone who can spray the door with a 2pac paint in the colour of our choice for approximately $800. I am just waiting on permission from Metricon to get this done before handover.

There are lots of things to get done but hopefully we only about a month away from our final inspection…

14th May 2017 – Clearly thinking we were about a month away from our final inspection was a bit ambitious!

We have a presentation date locked in for Tuesday 30th May. There are still lots of bits and pieces to be done but it is all definitely coming together.

Our floorboards are in and look amazing! We were thankfully able to install these without an expansion trim despite the extra long length from our front door to back door. There was no way I was prepared to have an ugly expansion trim in the middle of my hallway.

Carpet is in and is very soft underfoot so I’m glad I chose the upgraded underlay. Our internal plantation shutters have been installed and look great!

Flyscreens have gone in as well as the safeline fall prevention screens upstairs that I stressed about as I worried they would be an eyesore. They just look like regular flyscreens which is great.

There are various issues outstanding which require fixing –

Our laundry tiles are crooked, skirting needs to be installed, there is still concrete in one of our toilets and our water meter was relocated but still falls in the path of our driveway. I’m not confident I won’t hit it every time I pull into the driveway at night!

Some more photos…

Surprise surprise Metricon were not ready for presentation. It has been rebooked for 3rd June. The race to handover is now on. It has been tentatively booked for next Thursday. Really hoping to get the keys before the long weekend. Still have many outstanding smaller items to rectify.

Our site supervisor has left and we are now onto Site Supervisor number 4. He seems to be trying to wrap things up for us.

Our garage door has been sprayed with a 2 PAC polyurethane coating which looks amazing. It now matches the Dulux Lexicon Half  on the rest of our facade.

I am frantically trying to co- ordinate furniture deliveries hoping that Metricon will be ready on the handover date…





Fixing Stage – 18th January to 24th March 2017


This is our Metricon Henderson as it stands at the beginning of our fixing stage.

To be honest it is looking a bit plain and I am really looking forward to having the French doors on the balcony and the rest of the external painting completed.

Our kitchen should apparently be fitted next week so tune in for pics!

8.2.2017 – Most of the Bathroom, Ensuite, Powder Room, Laundry and Kitchen cabinetry has been installed this week. Absolutely LOVE it all!

Ensuite –


Main Bathroom


Powder Room








Friday 24th March 2017 – Official end of fixing stage. This was probably one of the most productive stages as there was lots happening on site. Fixing invoice was issued too early again, but was re-issued after the french doors on our balcony were installed.

Lots of little issues came up in this stage – my best advice is to keep on top of this by visiting the site as often as possible.

Our laundry bench was installed at the incorrect height. As a result the 15kg washer dryer combo that I had planned to install was not going to fit in the space. This was resolved via credit to us and we ultimately decided to leave it as it was as a pull out and redo would have been a hassle.

Our bathroom was supposed to have a polyurethane panel on the side of the bathtub but tiles were installed. These have had to be ripped out and a polyurethane panel to suit is being manufactured. Waterproofing to the area has had to be redone.

Our fridge space was also incorrect, the dimensions were slightly smaller than specified but luckily we contacted Fisher and Paykel and they confirmed their integrated model would still fit within the space – phew!

Front portico steps were a mess and these are being re-done.

Holes were also drilled into our powder room stone bench top in preparation for the tap ware however the tap ware we selected is wall mount so the stone has to be pulled out, re-manufactured and re-installed.

There were lots of other little issues such as incorrect light switch plates, scrapes on our timber sliding doors etc. but these will be fixed in our Final stage.

Very excited at this point as only one stage to go so we are on the home stretch!


Lockup Stage 28th September 2016 to 17th January 2017

Lockup stage has begun! Sarking is in and all roof tiles have been installed except the back living area and alfresco. I think they’re waiting on the scaffolding to be dropped to do this part.

Installation of the weatherboard has also begun around the front and sides of the home.

It looks awesome!

There a couple of outstanding issues at this point that I’m waiting to get rectified – the slab that has our alfresco steps is crooked and looks weird and unsymmetrical and we are missing a recess in our ensuite.

One week later, perfect sunny weather and nil action on site. Our site supervisor was apparently on annual leave and his work was apparently being taken care of by the construction manager.

Maybe we’ll have better luck this week?

21st October – It’s been about 2 1/2 weeks now and we’ve had minimal action on site. I just got a call this morning from our site supervisor to inform us that he will no longer be looking after our site.

Our construction manager will be temporarily looking after our site until our new site supervisor number three joins the picture.

I don’t know if it’s normal to have such high site supervisor turnover at such an early stage in the build. I’m starting to think it’s us!

26th October – A bit more movement on site today, a bit more cladding done…


4th November – Our new site supervisor # 3 seems to be off to a good start. Our front and alfresco piers have been rendered, our alfresco roof tiles are almost complete and they have begun the render of our dropped edge beams.


26th December – We are still not technically at lockup stage and frankly I’m pretty annoyed at Metricon at the moment. The site is a mess and there is rubbish everywhere. We received our lockup invoice almost 4 weeks ago despite not actually being at lockup. I questioned it and they withdrew the invoice, only to re-issue it last week just before the 3 week industry shutdown. Considering works for lockup stage were only 95 per cent complete I refused to make payment. I found it quite insulting that I then had to justify why I wouldn’t pay for an incomplete stage to 4 different Metricon staff.

In the end the invoice was withdrawn yet again.

On a happier note we have had lots of movement on site in the last few months. We have 95 per cent of cladding complete, most of our windows have been installed, front door and most internal doors are in. Gyprock has been done, electrical wiring is done as well as waterproofing in wet areas. We have upstairs skirting boards and cornices throughout the home and just in time for Christmas we got our staircase! We also have downpipes and they have even begun painting our weatherboard…

Front Door

Front Door



Internal Doors

Internal Doors

Entry Living Area

Entry Living Area

Kitchen Window Splashback

Kitchen Window Splashback







Alfresco Stacker Door Frame

Alfresco Stacker Door Frame



Main Bedroom Entry Doors

Main Bedroom Entry Doors

Downstairs Kitchen / Living Area

Downstairs Kitchen / Living Area

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom



Lockup stage was finally completed  in about 3 and a half months.

Scaffolding has now been removed and things are getting interesting…

Looking forward to fixing stage!

Frame Stage – 10th August to 27th September

Work commenced on our frames last week and then stopped despite the beautiful sunny weather.

We were very pleased however to see many people hard at work today at our site and to see some results.

We’ve since had a few interesting things happen …

Someone drove into our temporary fence and damaged it and our water meter. Lucky the fence was there otherwise our house would have been damaged!

Our site was left unsecured for a weekend which was a bit stressful as there were $3000 timber windows left lying around on the slab in plain view of anyone but thankfully the site is now locked tight.

We also had our frame invoice issued too early, it was emailed before all our external windows were installed. Keep an eye on this guys, as I wouldn’t have picked this up if I wasn’t regularly checking our site.

Will post a final pic once frame stage is officially complete.

We also have had a change in site supervisor. He seems to be very approachable and helpful.

We picked up a small issue with our back steps leading out to the alfresco today. The concrete slab that forms the base of our steps is crooked on one side and juts out too far on the other. I’m a big fan of symmetry so I was freaking out a little over this but the site supervisor reassured us that he would sort it out.

Looking forward to seeing more progress in the upcoming weeks…

For those of you interested in the timeline side of things – Framework began on 10th August 2016 and is yet to be completed.


Our frame invoice was emailed on 27th September. Total time taken at this stage was one and a half months.





Pendant Lights

It’s probably a bit premature considering our slab isn’t even cured yet but I purchased these awesome pendant lights online from Schots Home Emporium.

They are a Melbourne based company. I hope they look as good as they do in the picture!



Metricon Bayville 49


We had a quick whirlwind trip to Melbourne in the last few days. While we were there I checked out one of Metricon’s newest designs, which coincidentally is in the Hamptons style.

Loved it! It’s great to see Metricon releasing this type of design.

Heaps of pics below to hopefully inspire you all …




One Big Muddy Mess…

Our site at the moment looks like one big mud puddle from all the rain we had earlier in the week.

The good news is the slab preparation has begun! They seem to have done formwork for a waffle pod slab today.

Weather forecast also looks good for the next week. Hopefully lots will get done.

Heading off to Melbourne next week, I really want to check out the new Metricon Bayville 49 display home. It is the first Metricon home that encompasses that Hamptons look.

I’ll also try and check out a furniture store called Maison Living  which has some stunning furniture. I’ll try to refrain from buying anything just yet…